The philosophy behind So Mad is Life is to explore. Through this blog I hope to inspire people to live out of the box. So, if you unravel all of it’s layers, it all comes down to a lifestyle blog – where I talk about going to places you’re heart wants to (Travel), Listening to music that sparks your imaginations (Music), Writing To Express (Write), Living a Life Full of New Adventures(Life). 


Thanks for stopping by. My name is Soma D. and I am a writer/blogger/musician, and K-drama binge-watcher in this dreamy little city of joy called Calcutta. I was born in the lap of the nature in a beautiful little town called Durgapur where I grew up appreciating the simple joys of life.


Not very long ago I took up freelance blogging and writing as a full time profession while still working on my music and it has been a hell of a ride since then (including having to convince people how this is a “real job”). So, I decided to use this space to drop little bombs of updates about my life in general, professional as well as personal.  And that’s how So Mad is Life was born. Here, you will get to know what is actually on my mind like you couldn’t on my Facebook and what I’m up to in a day’s work that my LinkedIn wouldn’t tell you (that is if I had one).


Basically, you get a sneak peek into everything – random thought bubbles, my ongoing projects, my trysts with different cultures, heads up on that cupcake recipe I’m dying to try out and even the occasional ramblings about that K-drama which is currently affecting my life drastically. So welcome to So Mad is Life or Soma D’s Life! Hoping to have you around for a while.

Got a writing assignment for me or would like to collaborate? Drop me a mail at: and let’s talk!