The most important thing for a writer, or an artist for that matter, is inspiration. It’s as simple as that or it’s just not. Sometimes it might come to you naturally and you can almost feel your hands gliding to the rhythm of newly formed words that dance along and paint a story, when sometimes… a little blank paper is all you get. But, even that blank paper has endless possibilities if you try.

When I first put my foot down and started to write, I remember somebody telling me “if you have to think before writing, you’re not a writer”. It couldn’t have held more truth or lies. In my short stint at writing I did find this out – when the deadlines are looming, you either transform and transcend beyond your own imagination or you can just stand still. Inspiration is what makes all the difference.

For me 2015 has been the greatest of all inspirations. Of all the little learnings, out-of-breath moments, constant running, falling behind, and then picking yourself up – it gave me the spark I needed to work my mojo. Now when I look back it doesn’t seem all that great – but you can still see it within me. And, somewhere I know there is a difference in the words I create …that I line up. It’s strange that that little bit of inspiration that fuels your mind when your friend casually comments “24 hours is a long time – everything you want to do can be done in those hours” – helps you push forward into a new chapter of you! What’s stranger is that some other people might not have even seen the spark that that one sentence was capable of lighting.

So yes, what is your inspiration might not be mine – but every inspiration will definitely tell you a story. It will definitely tell you to push forward, to find your own little inspirations. And, for a writer, it is all the more important.

This is exactly why we need this book Fall in Love With Writing in our lives. The amazing writer friend, Juni Desiree, has successfully compiled the thoughts and inspirations of over 200 bloggers and it is impossible to ignore the power of all those inspirations brought together. If you are a writer or aspire to become one – I believe something like this does ignite the fire in you. I fell in love with Juni’s idea because who knows, when you’re stuck in a rut, maybe someone else’s inspiration can help you find yours.

Fall in Love With Writing is available in the Kindle edition here.