Traveling was one of the main reasons I took to freelance writing. Rather than being stuck behind the closed doors of an office and hide behind the curtains of the stable (read:monotonous) working hours, savoring the freedom of flexi work hours and not being attached to the roots seemed like an ongoing adventure I would have liked to try. And, like I had thought it has been a great experience.

As a travel writer I like to share offbeat experiences as opposed to touristy knowledge. I do that too, to some extent. But traveling for me is more about getting to know the culture, the people and the vibe of a place than checking out the tourist attractions, which is generally not on my agenda but I get to do get to do those things too as I go along. It’s about the food, the geography, the nuances, and the music that entices me. And, when I’m visiting a place I like to do it the local way.

Secluded Street Art in Armenian Street, Georgetown, Penang

In my travel articles too, I try to tell my readers about the peculiarities of a place and not the face they can already know through a quick Google search. I like to share my discoveries and even if they might seem insignificant and less important, they do add to a bigger picture. And, that is what I like best about travel writing – the feeling of transcending a big picture through the words on my keyboard. So I might be off to my next adventure soon, and I’ll keep you posted!

Currently I am contributing as a travel writer on Mehthesheep Bali – Not Your Usual Bali Travel Guide.