For a while, every job interview that I had attended I had experienced this overwhelming feeling of musician’s dilemma. I was a Business Law student (Company Secretary, to be precise) and even though the subject did interest me to an extent the idea of being in an office all day long made the musician in me squirm with anxiety. And, this is why I’m glad music blogging happened to me along the way.

I started out writing for this very enthusiastic site that covered Indian underground bands and things just spiraled from there onward. I was great with words and I was great with digging out new music and old, and nothing could make me happier when the two met to buy me a beer.

Currently, music is one of the things I blog about, contributing on the blogs of different music related companies and websites, and every day is an adventure. The best part is, I get to contribute my knowledge on the subject and stay connected to music even when I’m not playing.

Recently I’ve found this exciting platform to share my music blog posts, so I am going to spare this space for other stories and you can head to Kurrent Music to read some of my music blogs. And, if you want to try your hand at music blogging too, feel free to absolutely drop in there. Here’s all you need to know  –