One of the more recent projects I have taken up is writing monthly blogs for 3 dating websites for a client, and I’m a little more excited about this for more than one reasons.

For one, I am on my own with this one! Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes like having an editor breathing down my neck, correcting my mistakes, asking for re-writes. It’s just that being completely responsible for the blog part of the website gives me a certain kind of freedom and also restricts me with the responsibility. In a sense I feel more in control and disciplined. In the last couple of months I have gotten used to WordPress like never before, and I am putting that to good use here.

But, what I am actually stoked about is the creative liberty. Talking to the readers in my voice without having to follow a criteria or a form is just so damn refreshing! The flow has been amazing so far and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it is going to last.

The purpose of the blog is simple – to interest the people who frequent the site- mainly people looking to find love and romance, in countryside UK and USA. It’s all new, and it’s all in the beta testing. But, as the words tumble down from the realm of my imagination on to the computer screen, crazy as it may seems, the little romantic in me is hopeful that someone somewhere in the world would find their soulmate with the little nudge from me! So mad is life, right?

Read this month’s blog at one of the websites, here