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A Little Inspiration Never Hurts

The most important thing for a writer, or an artist for that matter, is inspiration. It’s as simple as that or it’s just not. Sometimes it might come to you naturally and you can almost feel your hands gliding to the rhythm of newly formed words that dance along and paint a story, when sometimes… a little blank paper is all you get. But, even that blank paper has endless possibilities if you try.

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I’m having that kind of a Friday! And, I’m telling you all about it here

A Day in Penang Island- Malaysia’s Melting Pot of Cultures

Penang, you beautiful, beautiful Island city! I probably haven’t been in love with a place to this extent in my life that wasn’t my hometown. The moment I got off the plane the city took me by its simplicity and soul and unpredictability. Yes, I lost a day to the most erratic rainfall but I even enjoyed that because that led to some impromptu plans and rain soaked walks by the beautiful streets.

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Sometimes I get paid to watch movies. Living the Awesome Life!

Film This Weekend!

Exploring KL’s Hidden Chinese Cultural Path- Thean Hou Temple

KL has its fair share of attractions, swanky buildings and lavish malls. But apart from that it also derives a major part of its life from its people and cultures. From Indian to Chinese, it is modernism closely knitted with culture that makes the city what it is.

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Remembering The Beatles in my new feature on Kurrent Music for a special All in On The Beatles Edition with over 16 of the top Kurrent Music Bloggers collaborating to present their perspective on the band. All of us are from different parts of the world but it’s amazing to see how to connect on The Beatles’s music and how they have affected each one of us as music listeners.

Hi There!

For the past few weeks I’ve been traveling in Malaysia and now that I’ve gotten back to work, there’s a huge pile I’ve got to take care of ( blame me for not better taking care of the internet and not being able to work on the go for most of the trip). All in all, that means I will be posting the highlights from my trip and the travel stories rather slowly but surely. Right now, it’s Durga Puja time here in Calcutta and that also means most of my mental energy is being drained in the festivities. But, I’m sure loving all the chaos – in my head and outside!

Happy Durga Puja folks, Stay Blessed!

Being a Travel Writer

Traveling was one of the main reasons I took to freelance writing. Rather than being stuck behind the closed doors of an office and hide behind the curtains of the stable (read:monotonous) working hours, savoring the freedom of flexi work hours and not being attached to the roots seemed like an ongoing adventure I would have liked to try. And, like I had thought it has been a great experience.

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